Kerala’s First Under Water Photography Workshop; Season – 2, Kochi

Taking a picture is all about getting the play of light and shade correct, be it on land or underwater. Surprised? Don’t be. Here is your unique chance to meet and interact with the experts. The second workshop on underwater photography conducted by Bond Safari will be an eye opener for you. A workshop on […]

World’s First Under Water Audio Launch held in Kovalam

It is common for celebrities to stand up for a cause. But this was the first time in history of Malayalam cinema that the music launch for a movie was held underwater with the entire team taking a stand for ocean conservation. The cast and crew of the upcoming movie ‘Kalyanam’, which will see the […]

Go Scuba Diving in Kovalam with Bond Safari Kovalam

Most Amazing Water Sports Activity that can be done in Kovalam Go Scuba Diving in Kerala: Scuba diving is one of the amazing activities which can be done in Kovalam. Kovalam is a famous beach tourists destination very close to Trivandrum (Thiruvananthapuram, 16 Kms away), the capital of Kerala. Kovalam has 3 crescent beaches such as Hawa […]

What are the most amazing Five Adventure Activities in Kovalam

Both International and national tourists often wonder on what can be done in Kovalam during their travel to Kerala. A famous travel blogger Jaunt Monkey recently traveled to Kovalam and beautifully captured various adventure activities which can be done in Kovalam. Have a look and let us know what you think about these activities. 5 […]

India’s First Under Water T20 Cricket Match Held in Kovalam

Divers go below the boundary in Kovalam As India gears up for the upcoming matches of the India-New Zealand T20 series, a group of divers decided to showcase their support and passion for the gentleman’s game in a unique fashion. Scuba divers of Bond Safari Kovalam, an organisation based in Thiruvananthapuram, offered a cricket fans […]

SCUBA Diving: A Window to Marine Biodiversity

SCUBA Diving: A Window to Marine Biodiversity Department of Aquatic Biology and Fisheries, University of Kerala organized a one day lecture come demonstration programme on the theoretical aspects of SCUBA diving titled “ Scuba Diving: A Window to Marine Biodiversity” associated with Bond Ocean Safari Kovalam. Bond Ocean Safari Kovalam, is an organization partnered with […]

Promontory; A beautiful and rich bio diversity area underwater in Kovalam for Scuba Diving

Promontory; Beautiful and rich bio diversity area underwater in Kovalam The Kovalam beach road ends up in the Ashoka beach and wide opens to a natural bay sheltered by promontories on both sides and golden sand occupies the middle beach. The fully flourished array of coconut trees adds deep green to the scenery. The calm […]

Scuba Dive in Kerala to Make a Difference

Bond Safari Kovalam, a company that provides scuba diving and snorkelling services to tourists in Kovalam, has since taken up a campaign that goes beyond the cheer of personal highs and tries to address an issue that poses a serious threat to marine life and beaches – piling plastic waste. The campaign, titled Ocean Love, […]

Scuba Dive-day unplugged at Kovalam in Kerala: Sangeetha Nair

Scuba Dive-day unplugged at Kovalam in Kerala: Sangeetha Nair As an experienced swimmer, I’ve realised that there are two ways to approach the sport of scuba diving. I prefer not to begin at the beginning, the anticipation of what will wriggle past you under water is up to nature, so I want to start at […]

AND I SCUBA DIVED IN KERALA, KOVALAM! First ever Scuba Diving experience writtern by one of our guests at Bond Safari Kovalam

AND I SCUBA DIVED IN KERALA, KOVALAM! By: Arya Jose “There’s a very famous saying by Arthur C Clarke, “How inappropriate to call this planet earth when it is quite clearly ocean”. What we all need to understand is that the oceans cover 71 percent of the Earth’s surface and contain 97 percent of Earth’s […]